Declassified! The Tour 2018 will offer the return of large hills, dice and gravel

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Returns to the big famous (and long) hills.

The dice will return, even those of the most famous classics.

In the first of the mountain stages, this time it will also be followed by gravel roads to the Col des Glieres.

in the Alps and in the Pyrenees, there will be stages of up to 200 km, but also extremely short, crowded hills, even just 65 km in the Pyrenees.

“I expected a similarly difficult course for the next Tour,” says the title defense lawyer Chris Froome. “There will be dice, gravel, dangerous wind stages, the Alps and the Pyrenees, the time trial.It’s a complex track. “His great rival Nairo Quintana commented,” There are plenty of hills, and I like that. And there are the dice I’m afraid of. ”

Froome will attack his fifth title, which would match the legends of Anquetil, Merckx, Hinault and Indurain.

Tour starts a week later than usual, until Saturday 7 July. This is to make the least possible time collision with the football world championship culminating in Russia on July 15.

Start 105.The Tour was previously confirmed for the region of Vendée in the west of the country, where the peloton will set off on its pilgrimage for the sixth time.

Cyclists will head to Brittany during the opening week, climbing here twice a day on the famous “Wall” de Bretagne, then on the roads of northwest France, where the unpleasant side wind will be threatened, they will meet the impatiently anticipated 9th round of dice in Roubaix.

On a free day, the caravan moves to Annecy under the Alps, where three difficult stages are waiting.From there, the Tour turns south-east on Valence and Mende, and to the four-day key block in the Pyrenees and the 35-kilometer individual timer in the Basque Country.

From there, it will only fly to the final act in Paris. After a three-year hiatus, the Alps are again climbing into 21 Serpentines Alpe d’Huez, in the Pyrenees, one day and three of the four famous peaks of the former “Circle of Death” Aspin, Tourmalet, and Aubisque. They will be part of the 19th stage that has earned the royal pride.

The start-up phase of the entire Tour will host Noirmoutier-en-l’Île in the Vendée region.The first two stages will be sprinters, the third will test the strength of the teams in a team time of 35 kilometers in Cholet. In Brittany, the birthplace of Bernard Hinato, the peloton will commemorate the 40th anniversary of his first triumph at the Tour. The sixth stage will culminate in a trip to the dreaded Mur de Bretagne, as in 2011 and 2015. This time, however, it will rise for the first time twice. But the top of the first racing block will be the ninth stage where for 154 km, check the cube rider, famous for the Paris-Roubaix spring class.

“Fifteen dice. Yes, fifteen!This is the dreaded day of the next Tour, “said Christian Prudhomme, director of the race, enthusiastically.

This will be the day of the top sporting spectacles: first trailing cubes on the Tour Tour after them the final of the World Cup. p> The stage, which is a challenge for Zdeněk Štybar, starts from Arras and culminates in Roubaix.The tenth stage, already in the Alps, will include a two-kilometer passage along the gravel roads after climbing to 1390 ments on the Col des Glieres, after a relaxing free day, to change the route to 21.7 kilometers of the spain.

from which the riders will continue to the Romme and Colombier passes and to the destination in Le Grand Bornard.

Next, only a 108 kilometer explosive Alpine stage will lead from Albertville through almost two thousand Col de Cormet to the mountain range of La Rosiere.

The final part of the alpine triptych serves as an appetizer for the Madelaine and de la Fer passes before all eyes aim for 21 serpentines in the Alpe d’Huez destination.In a single day, the riders will have at their feet 5000 meters high.

The speculation that this time the Alpe d’Huez will lead a mountain timezone or that the cyclist’s peak, as in 2013, doubles during the classic stage twice

After three stages between the Alps and the Pyrenees, including the hillside of Mende, and after a free day in Carcassone, a four-day Pyrenean block begins a 218-kilometer stage over the Col de Portillon to the Luchon Spa.

Following is the shortest classic stage of the Tour for years, only 65 km up and down. Immediately after the start of the hike to Peyresourde, then the Col de Val Loudon Azet and the Pla d’Adet to reach the destination at the Col de Portet, 2215 meters on a 16-kilometer and nine-foot hill.Fifty-eighty kilometers of this stage will make cyclists scramble up.

A portion of the devastating mountains a day later disrupts a flat stage along the Pyrenees valleys with the Sprinter Range in Pau, for the forties in the history of the destination city.  And then it comes.

The nineteenth stage of Lurd, a 200 kilometer-long pilgrimage through Aspin, Tourmalet and Aubisque, culminating in a descent to Laruns. Again 5,000 meters high, to the famous passes, a duel for the title. The stadium is worth the royal attribute.

And if it’s still not decided, the final word will only say one single time on the last day in the Basque day, with four climbs at 31 kilometers, the last one offering a 21 percent maximum pitch!

FEAR.Here it will take place in July 2018. Chris Froom likes the route.

After another flight, there will be only 115 more mileage to Paris. The winning arc will be crowned by the new (oldest) king.

Will Froome be the fifth?

Or maybe Nibali for the second time, if the tour takes precedence over Gire?

Or Bardet, Dumoulin, Aru, Quintana, Landa, Porte or someone else for the first time?