Confirmed. Cink returns to the mountain bike after a year on the road

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He had a contract on his contract to continue with the current Bahrain Merida team, which offered him a contract for the next two years.At the same time, there were four offers from the world of mountain bikes before him.

The world in which he was born, in which he grew up and left the country unintentionally last year.

“If I got an offer last year on mountain biking, I would not think of the road at all,” said Cink, twenty-six, on Tuesday’s press conference.

But if stable Multivan Merida disappeared at the moment due to the late deadline was impossible to get a contract in any of the teams mountain bike

I therefore took gratitude auxiliary rope from the road Merida.

For Cinka this year was not a bad season at all, but rather the opposite.

already interested in the first race of the season at the Australian Tour Down Under, where he attended the leaks at the Ruta del Sol rode alongside Warren Barguila – the purified men Tour, or Mikel Nieveho.He also showed his talent for the classic Bianche Straddler, where he reached the eighteenth.

The results in the spring part of the season went out of the tour de France invitation. And he did not even lose it. After his resignation, Ioann Izagirr’s team leader planned to escape and perhaps win the stage. In the seventeenth stage of the escape he was really and even with Albert Contador.

He did not win the stadium, but he left a strong impression.

But he was already struggling with knee pain and swollen joints. Just because of the knee eventually the Tour had to give up in the 19th stage. From that time on, he did not have a month and a half for a wheel, so painful knee was tormented.

And it contributed to the fact that Cink decided to go back to mountain bikes.

reasons were more. When I started racing on the road, it was such euphoria.I was really thrilled, but as time went on as the biker season started and I watched the World Cup on TV, I thought it was a shame that I could not be there with the boys, “he explained.

Already at the end of July, hanging on his instagram profile, resembled the Olympic race in London. “I miss the mountain bikes,” he added.

And then he decided to come back.

“I was thinking of coming back during the season, but the Tour came to a final decision. I thought it would be better for me because mountain bikes really enjoy me, “says a bronze medalist from the mountain bike world championship.

The Spanish stable will have a difficult position next year.He has no point in the UCI ranking and will start racing in the races.

“That’s why I want to collect as many points as possible in the next season so I can set some goals for the season in 2019” Cink.

And what should they be?

Top medals from world championships, and even from the Tokyo Olympic Games, which are under less than three years. > “Ondra certainly has a good performance,” concluded his new coach Karel Martínek.