Comedy winning mode. Is there a new hegemon in extraleague play off?

The comet as the first extraliga team celebrates the semifinals. Clearly. The shortest possible time. And suddenly, a group from Brno, like last year, ranks among the main candidates for the title.

Why? Because the Comet has gone to the master mode. Playoff boasts breathtaking balances that will be respected in balanced competition. She has managed 16 of the last 18 matches in the title fight. Similarly he rolled the extralig just in times of hegemon’s greatest glory from Vsetín.

“We have a terribly experienced team, many players have a lot behind them. We know how to get ready, “says Brno striker Jan Hruška. Sure, you can argue that it’s a phrase.But then listen to the words of Vítkovice striker James Lv: “It does not seem to me that the Comet has ever grown up.” No, she did not really grow up. He just knows when to turn on. Opponents in the play off. For the first time, he is over-pressed, leaked for the second time, for the second time he is crushing for the third time, and the rest of the mace saves power. And for the fourth time he will turn the badly evolving duel.

That’s exactly what Vítkovice was doing to defend the title. “The whole series was better. They played with experience, they managed to watch the result, hat down, “the goalie of the opponent, Patrik Bartošák, praised the semifinalists. Vítkovický style was praised by experts, Bartošák et al. disappointment. “It is a shame.I’m so shy, “he lamented the best goalkeeper of the base.

The comet has been able to rely on stars from the last season – Erata’s Olympian team with the Germans, the other representatives of Krejčík and Zaťovič. Only big names will not guarantee success. ] “Every manchaft should go through a worse time. Someone passes through the base as a knife but I think he has a harder play off, “commented Libor Zabransky, co-chief and coach.

Brnans in the base part was the fifth bar. Their series with Vítkovice was supposed to be the best. The comet, however, has begun and hunger is on. “I have winning types in the team,” Zábranský says.The Slovakian phantom Ciliak gets into the mold, the captain Cermak, forty years old, is quiet with the Kurovsky or Szturc, which is a youngster who can easily make his father.

The second series is dramatizedIt’s far from clear in another concurrent series. Pardubice took over the weekend, twice pushed favor Třinec and called quarter-final account to 2: 2. Oblivion, cohesiveness and patience in the end mean that Dynamo is still on the road before anybody imagines the season. “In such games it is crucial,” adds Pardubice bek Petr Caslav.

Dynamo in the third round managed almost impossible to defeat the weakness in two men against six.The steelmen played without a goal keeper, home captain Rolinek lost the stick and when he blocked the shot, he burst the hall as if a goal fell. This is why the Třinec – Pardubice series is moving to Silesia on Wednesday. This is a semi-finals in Brno.

“We will look at ourselves, believe in, dump and work. This is play off. And if any of our other rivals are worried? I will not dare say. And I do not care, “Zabransky added.