Calgary won recognition. Now, thanks to James, he might even be home

It’s not a cannon who would rip the shooting records. It does not even rise in productivity (it collects half a point on the average). Still, Frolik in Canada thinks of his consistent performance, reliability and ability to adapt.

This is also proven by the fact that the club placed him on the list of protected players during the extension draft, to be missed by Las Vegas. Or the words of coach Glen Gulutzan.

“I did not know how good a player was while I was on the other side and did not really know him. I did not know how steady the performance is and how great it is for a professional. He does not have much power. I do not really see any training.There is no hockey skill in which he would be lagging behind. ”

These are a lot of positive statements, which at home remain somewhat overvalued. This may change with the presence of Jaromír Jágra. Calgary will be in the Czech Republic under the watch and with him, of course, Frolík.

He himself says: “We are all looking forward to improving the team over the previous season. We brought some new people, the goalie and Jardu. Nobody wants to look too forward, but we all hope that everything will fit and we will be better and better. We will work hard, leave everything on the ice and see what happens. ”

Frolíka is waiting in Calgary for the third season.He was a valid player in the first but after the arrival of coach Gulutzano settled in the second formation along with the talented Tkachuk and Mikael Backlund and this formation worked enormously.

Joins older players

But not just praise: one negative would still be found. There are regularly slower starts of the Czech ice hockey player. Frolík always takes time to play. In the 2015/16 season, for example, he took fifteen games to score a goal. He had been waiting for him to change eleven duels a year ago, still in Winnipeg.

“I’m a player who takes a while to get into the operating temperature. I’m trying to change it. During the summer I had to skate a lot.But the matches are just as different. You can never train them. It wants to timing and trying to play on the limit of possibilities. That’s one thing I want to focus on this year, “he promises.

He would not have prevented his wrist surgery during the summer because he quickly and completely healed himself. After his usual preparation in Montreal, where he is preparing for the season every year, he returned to Calgary as one of the best physically ready players.

“Just to bring my fitness to the ice,” the 29-year-old forvard wishes. Yes, Frolík has always been considered young and promising, but it is also changing. Today Calgary is among the oldest.And that’s why he’ll be waiting for him to tighten the tense situation, although Jagr can make it easier for him.

About the generation of the older Jagr. After all, Frolík, as a sixteen-year-old talent, debuted at Kladno in the extrall just by his side. In 2004 – before the legendary hockey player went to Omsk during the NHL lockout. And having been with him since he played in the 2011 World Championship and the 2014 Olympics, he is the first to spend the entire season with him.

Last year, Frolík spent his best season since he got in 2008 to the NHL and Florida, scored 21 goals, adding 79 assists in 79 matches. Now his balance was 17 + 27. Will it reach its maximum in the new year?