Brabec o Drchalovi: He may be the killer Sparta will need

He’s only eighteen years old. The youngest member of the team must, after matches and training, help the garrison to collect balloons or take things.

But that does not matter. Václav Drchal, who came from České Budějovice, managed to enter the A-team of the Czech football giant. The talented striker has already put a hat-trick behind Sparta, even though it was just a friendly match. Tábor has scored three goals, and he said about the place in the set in the preparatory schedule for the spring season.

“It was perfect, it was my first start for Sparta. I started in the fifteenth minute, and everyone like to be like that.Hattrick has already been counted in the boys, it is hard for me to be a newcomer, “said South Bohemian footballer.

” Of course, I was glad when I got to the top. But I still have to work and prove I have that, “reminds Drchal, who traveled with Sparta and the two winter camps in Spain.

Not only football, but sports, he brought parents to Ceske Budejovice. His father, Václav Drchal Elder, was an excellent volleyball player. “I started with the hockey I played in my eight years. Then I went to football because I enjoyed more. Even my mom was sporting, so it was clear to us at home, “recalls the hopeful footballer who switched from Sparta to Dynamo in České Budějovice.He was 15 years old.

“At first I went to such a test match and then I went to Prague for training. I was very happy at that time, because Sparta was cheerful, “he laughs.

He was already in the South of Bohemia for an attacker who has a sense of smell. He was also coached by Miroslav Šenkýř in the discipline. “It was then that talent was in him and that he could get somewhere,” said Dracal’s former coach.

“Even in the pupils he was a fast striker and was mainly a goal. He did not have enough of the football technique, but the boys will learn quite quickly in time. In our country, he had the right kind of prevention for football, although at the time we might have had more talents than Venca. But he did not give up.That’s why I was not surprised at the fact that Sparta reached for him, “added Šenkýř.

For a fifteen-year-old boy, the arrival from České Budějovice to the capital and the biggest club in the Czech Republic was a big leap. “It’s still a European team, so the level is really somewhere else than in Budějovice,” Drchal knows.

Now he is going to switch from youth football to the adult. “It’s much faster, duels are harder and more. On the contrary, I have the advantage of being a puppy since I was bigger than the other and more muscular.In this respect, the transition to A-team was easier for me, “Drchal mentions, praising his former coach, Petr Havlicek, who helped him a lot in the transition.

The art of Václav Drchal could also watch Erich Brabec, former Sparta, Liberec. “All the productivities of an older teenager just stood at Veneco,” said Spartan U19 coach recently for the Sport daily.

“Venca’s rise in the last year is the credit of Strahov trainers. They worked very well with him and managed to get him into adult football. Venca is currently the only player in the teenager to get into adulthood.His strengths predestinate him to be the killer Sparta will need in the future, “said Brabec, who had trained Drchala last fall in a team of players in the age of nineteen. Under him, the Czech-Bundesligian offender put 26 goals in his opponents.

According to his words, he has become accustomed to Prague for almost four years. When he does not train or does not get involved in the match, Václav Drchal must still master the school duties at the Anglo-German Business Academy.

“I have an individual plan. Now I have successfully finished the semester, so I hope it will continue and I will be decimating this year, “plans the shooter.

Besides football, Václav Drchal has one more hobby.He likes to climb the climbing wall. “Dracal, who signed up for Sparta by 2020, himself does not know if the coach trainers will give him a chance even in the championship matches. Even so, a talented native of České Budějovice has a promising career ahead of him, which may well continue beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

“Where would I want to finish it? I leave it for myself, it is my personal wish, “says Václav Drchal. Will it appear in the Sparta team tomorrow in the first spring round in Liberec?