Basketball players are coming to Switzerland, the team is making changes

Which two players will replace the nomination, the coach Štefan Svitek has not yet decided.

“We will change the nomination for the two players. I want to have a wider spin so that other players feel they are part of the team. I believe it will be worthwhile in the future, because there may be injuries, so more players need to be involved, “Svitek told reporters on Monday’s training.

He shared the team and devoted himself to the pivot. The rest of the team was in charge of his assistants Ivan Beneš and Veronika Bortela.

“The trainings are very intense, they get along with it. It’s a bit different than before. The coach is a perfectionist. I’m used to it from France, where it is also solved every half-meter on the pitch. That suits me. It’s got more order.He’s also very lively, living with the team, jumping around the bench. That’s great, “said Romana Heyd, who was one of the most useful players in the 89:56 win over Germany.

” I do not figure the numbers. The main thing was that we played the game as a team. The first half was sharper, but then it was sad. I had a good feeling in the second half. We managed to defend them and play the European basket. It’s all about defending. When you defend your opponent, the points will come, “Heyd said.

The win over Germany was important for the team not to be under pressure from the start of the qualification. “It is important that we have managed Germany.Each match starts at 0: 0 and can not be underestimated, “added Svitek.