ANALYSIS: Football Sparta must be careful. Time is not a panacea

English time. Italian tempo. And the Czech time.

If you have to specify a word that resonates in all three languages ​​in Spartou in the last few days most often, you would not have made this choice.

Spartians including Coach Andrey Stramaccioni’s are asking for time to watch their game again.In order to bring the results to the fans, they have fun.

But since it started on Summer’s new era, it has been more than two months since Sparta has been tired, doubting Thursday’s home defeat 0: 1 with Crvena it’s time for a moment to work for patience requests, but it is time for the team to know at least a bit about what they really want to do on the pitch.

to decrypt such communications from the previous three games? Whoever registered at least a hint to sign up.

“We are going through a period when we are all forming,” Stramaccioni explained after the fierce fiasco. “I told the players and I’ll tell you: Tonight something new could be born. I’m 100% convinced. ”

Something new…But what was it?

Did Stramaccioni talk about the last twenty minutes when the guests seemed to relax in the process, and Sparta finally got into a few chances? Or did he find something positive in the previous passages of the match?

If so, it certainly could not have been the defense that did not score most of the game. Even the attacker Jank, who not only did not threaten the goal, but mostly did not even participate in personal duels – as if he was trying to avoid them.The backup revived until the arrival of Rosicky and Ben Chaim, it was chaotic until then.

Does it all really just the time that many people ask so much?

“We have to stick to our strategy after every hesitation to change direction: move to the left, then turn the next turn to the right, “said Stramaccioni before the defeat.

Surely a reasonable idea, but so far it does not seem that the Italian coach would follow her firmly.

If he wants stability, it’s a puzzler why he has changed the set in five places after every game.

Rapid Plavšić first plays under the attacker, then turns it back to the edge. p>

He criticizes Václav Kadlec’s approach, and after a week he will unexpectedly return him to the group.And even if he finds himself worse on the pitch, he’ll leave him again in the half-time again.

Stramaccioni is surely unlucky that Sparta will continue to wound. In part, one can accept the argument that his players went into a cup fight without a single competitive match, while their opponent already had five. But so far, he does not seem to have a clear idea of ​​where he is from the initial poverty path out. A comparison with the Serbian team was a warning in the eyes.

The Maltese Dwarf Florian shot three goals in Crvena zvezda first goal and the progress over Kazakh Irtys Pavlodar was not entirely sovereign. But Sparta’s Belgrade team flushed so clearly that it was chilling.That’s why rock fans at the end turned their team back and left their sector empty.

There is little they can comfort. Perhaps statistics: from the last seven winners of the Czech league, five of them in the championship season did not play a group of European cups.

If they want Stramaccioni et al. to keep up with this trend, they can not always console themselves with the idea that they will play better and better. It has to take immediate action and grab points of will.

The time Sparta asks for is now playing against it.