A little hero of great deeds. Paul Kariya heads to the NHL Hall of Fame

Always gentleman. With this sentence Kariya drove all his life – on ice and outside. He had only eleven matches to knock down thousands of matches in the NHL. The same number was missing in Canadian scoring.

The person who had to prematurely terminate a career due to the effects of a few brain shakes never enticed. Paul Kariya will be featured in NHL Hall of Fame tonight along with giants like Teemu Selänne, Dave Andreychuk, Mark Recchi, or Clare Drake.

His story is composed of amazing moments and sad accidents. In the NHL he played fifteen seasons, nine in Anaheim, the remainder split between Colorado, Nashville and St. Louis. Louis.He is right in Hall of Fame.

Clever and decent, so his opponents remember. “It hides in me beside decency and passion. If I could, I would start playing again immediately. “But that’s not the case, so Kariya is surfing.When Selanne called him in June to be brought to the Hall of Fame, the news hit him on the beach with the surf in his hand. “Sharks are not afraid,” laughs the 43-year-old Canadian. Paul Kariya and Teemu Selänne are like twins

They spent together in one team for six years (five in Anaheim, one year in Colorado). He could not tell Fresh news to his friend just so plainly. “He literally screamed at me,” We’re going to the Hall of Fame together! “Recalls Kariya. “He ruined my surprise.”

According to Selänny, the Kariya report has changed. “He’s happier, he’s still talking about hockey, and finally he’s been closing his career. Paul is a brother to me, I see him.He wants everything to be perfect, that’s how he just does things, “says the Finnish star.

After completing his career, Kariya concentrated on the treatment. He says he does not think about the effects of brain shakes looking back in time. “I went through a rather demanding process to make my head work normally.”

Anaheim, as the first ever player in history, has written Paul Kariyu in 1993 in fourth place. Besides the giant Chris Pronger (drawn from second place), Paul looked like a little boy. Anaheim then showed a great deal of courage when he went against the trend of great gamblers and chose “plc”.But then General Manager Jack Ferreira was so impressed by Kariya that he could not otherwise.

Ferreira recalls how he went to look at Kariya in the match. “I thought he would be a terrific recorder, but a shooter turned out. We went to see the match, after two thirds I say, let’s go, I do not want anyone to know I like it. “The double winner of the Lady Byng trophy for the most competent player never won the Stanley Cup. On his neck, he could give the gold medal at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. He was represented at the World Championship in 1993. When he was seeing coach Mike Keenan in his dressing room, he was just taking off his shirt. “He did not forgive the note, he told me that Wayne Gretzky had no chest too.That was all, “remembers Kariya.

The Canadian striker has experienced two-point seasons, one fifty-sixth. But also a few awkward moments. But she does not remember much, she does not know how the hours have passed since Scott Stevens literally destroyed him in the 2003 Stanley Cup final.

Kariya still returned to the game and decided the sixth match of the series. Seventh and decisive, though lost, also played the whole. “If I had a magic stick and could return time, I’d do it all the same. Without thinking. ”

Paul Kariya does not rule out the possibility of returning to hockey once as a general manager. “It must be the right situation with the right people. To make things 100% dedicated to my enjoyment. ”

On Monday, he will say goodbye to all.Earned.