127. Great Pardubice in numbers: Out of 24 countries

The organizers have already sold out in September. A great attraction was foreign participation led by French favorites led by renowned coach Guillaume Macaire.

“It will be the heaviest race in the last decade,” the coaches of Josef Váňa and Čestmír Olehla agreed. ”

The courts of the Pardubice races eventually occupied 22,000 people. This year’s 127th year of the Great Pardubice was attracted to the venue, much like in previous years. On the contrary, television viewing has grown considerably. Both channels of Czech Television watched up to three million viewers.This is 700 thousand more than last year.

“Other fans could see Sunday racing on the Internet, it was also transferred to 24 countries,” said Martin Korba, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Race. and the victory of eight-year-old hunter No Time To Lose in a saddle with jockey Jan Kratochvíl, so they watched in France, Great Britain or Slovakia. “I think we can rightly regard the Great as a European phenomenon,” Korb added.

Horse racing and racing

Racing sports are inherently bets. For the first time this year, courses also appeared on the Internet.Thanks to the amendment to the lottery law, over CZK 14 million was claimed at the portals of three Czech companies. The offer was also announced by the French PMU racing office, where racing fans claimed 308,000 euros (almost 9 million crowns).

The racing enthusiasts most believed the defenders of the title Charme Look (the average odds of 3.6: 1 ), but the jockey Marek Stromský had to stop before reaching the finish line.The winners of No Time To Lose listed bookmakers a 6.5: 1 odds ratio.

Betino betting venues have paid the highest prize of 18 and a half thousand crowns to the tipper who correctly determined the ranking in the top three places.

“Spectators who have failed to pick their winnings at Betino Betting Offices directly on the race track, have the opportunity to do so within thirty days at one of the races , added Korba.

Three percent of the PMU’s turn-over turn from France to racing in the Czech Republic. However, Czech betting offices do not have such a duty.