A little hero of great deeds. Paul Kariya heads to the NHL Hall of Fame

Always gentleman. With this sentence Kariya drove all his life – on ice and outside. He had only eleven matches to knock down thousands of matches in the NHL. The same number was missing in Canadian scoring. The person who had to prematurely terminate a career due to the effects of a few brain shakes […]

Basketball players are coming to Switzerland, the team is making changes

Which two players will replace the nomination, the coach Štefan Svitek has not yet decided. “We will change the nomination for the two players. I want to have a wider spin so that other players feel they are part of the team. I believe it will be worthwhile in the future, because there may be […]

Liberec defeated Olomouc after the raids and ended his winning campaign

Olomouc did not make three victories of home ice, but despite the loss, it moved from ninth to seventh. Liberec is eleventh. Several guests were threatened in the beginning, but Goalkeeper Will caught their attempts. In the fifth minute they could go to the lead of the White Tigers when Bakoš got a pass in […]

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کد تبلیغاتی 1xbet: جایزه جدید خوش آمدید 1xbet، یک شرکت که در سال 1990 تاسیس شد، امروزه در بین شركت های برجسته ای در ایتالیا برای مدیریت شرط بندی و شرط بندی های ورزشی قرار دارد. 1xbet تبلیغات ارائه می دهد یک پیشنهاد خوش آمدید به همه اعضای جدید که متشکل از 3 ورزش جایزه […]

By train, take the bus back. Pilsen goes to Karvina for the twelfth prize

Meanwhile, it seems that in Plzen they have decided to scrape the top-level competition with a start-end system. After defeating the four goals of Dukla in the first round, they did not let anyone in front of each other. And they are also a favorite before the opening ceremony of the 12th round in Karvina. […]

Mourinho like Ferguson? No. It is a new challenge and praises the Paris project

The new Ferguson of Mourinho will definitely not. Legendary Sir Alex has stayed on the Old Trafford for over twenty-seven years, hard to imitate. His successor, David Moyes, lasted only a year, headed by Louis Van Gaal two. And José Mourinho, a respected Portuguese expert, signed a three-year contract a year ago. “I’m still a […]

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Confirmed. Cink returns to the mountain bike after a year on the road

He had a contract on his contract to continue with the current Bahrain Merida team, which offered him a contract for the next two years.At the same time, there were four offers from the world of mountain bikes before him. The world in which he was born, in which he grew up and left the […]