The Slovaks led in England, but they just lost. Germany scored six goals in Norway

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However, the world champions do not have a definite assurance of the procedure, because the two rounds before the end have a five-point lead over Northern Ireland.

Germany scored high goals with two goals Timo Werner, one by Mesut Özil, Julian Draxler , Leon Goretzka and Mario Gomez. The choice of Joachim Löw has not played 12 matches in a row, and he has a single point for the championship in Russia.

Azerbaijan also defeated two goals in Baku San Marino 5-1 and thanks to two goals Afrana Ismail defeated 5 goals in Baku . In addition, the home equalized their highest victory – Liechtenstein also overtaken four goals in 1999.The victory gave Azerbaijan a theoretical chance of a barrage, but hoped for only a few hours.

The group C table leads Germany with a full 24 points and an impressive 35: 2 score. World champions, like Northern Ireland, have managed 2-0 with the Czech team, the worst second place. Third place Azerbaijan loses nine points, Czechs ten.

In Group E, Poland counters 3-0 with Kazakhstan and leads a table with three points ahead of Denmark and Montenegro. The third home goal in Warsaw gave Robert Lewandowski a penalty and scored 12th in the qualification.In the Arsenal of Denmark 4: 1, Thomas Delaney flashed a hat-trick and overshadowed Christiano Eriksen, who scored the sixth goal in the Championship Qualification who won the first Danish player from Jon Dahl Tomasson in the 2004/2005 season. England, though against Slovakia for the first time in the qualification, won after winning 2: 1, but kept the invincibility and leads the F group five points just before today’s opponent. The Slovaks have 15 points, but Slovenia and Scotland are the only ones who lose one point.

Direct progress to the championship guarantees only the first place in the group.

Azerbaijan – San Marino 5: 1 (2: 0)
20th and 57th Ismajlov, 25. Abdullaev, 71th own Cevoli, 81th Sadygov – 74th Palazzi. Referees: Dabanovic (Horn)

Stuttgart: Germany – Norway 6: 0 (4: 0). and 40. Werner, 10. Özil, 17. Draxler, 50. Goretzka, 79. Gómez. Judge: Mažeika (Lit.)

Belfast: Northern Ireland – Czech Republic 2-0 (2: 0). Armenia – Denmark 1: 4 (1: 2)
6. Korjan – 17., 82. and 90. + 3 Delaney, 29. Eriksen. Judge: Madden (Scotland)

Warsaw: Poland – Kazakhstan 3: 0 (1: 0).Milik, 74. Glik, 86. Lewandowski z pen. Referees: Treimanis (Lot.)

Podgorica: Montenegro – Romania 1-0 (0: 0). Jovetič. Judge: Thomson (Scotland)


Slovenia – Lithuania 4: 0 (1: 0)
Goals: 25. from pen. and 61st Pen. Iličič, 82. Verbič, 90. Birsa. Referee: Kovács (Rum.)

London: England – Slovakia 2: 1 , 59. Rashford – 3. Lobotka. Glasgow: Scotland – Malta 2: 0 (1: 0) Goals: 9. Berra , 49. Griffiths. Judge: Kehlet (DEN).