S. Ireland – Czech Republic 2: 0, goodbye Russia, soccer players in the World Cup will not come again

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In the fight for the 1998 MS in the qualification, four years later in the barrage with Belgium. Then there was a triumph in the additional battle with Norway and the only progress in the separate history of the Czech Republic in the 2006 World Championship. And then another failure in the qualification, the Czech Republic was not in the final tournament in 2010 and 2014. And there will be neither the next year in Russia. “It’s sad,” said coach Karel Jaroli. “We knew that if a rival could be dangerous, the standards are. And we will get two goals. ”

Without a single chance, without a single shot.In Northern Ireland, the Czechs played a theoretical hope, they had to win, but in the offensive they were cowardly.

But this was an interesting look. Czech footballers kept the ball, even a minute, maybe two of them played without lending it to home players. For the Czech representation, the unusual style did not lead to success. In the first half or in the second half.

“We think we mixed together, but it was only lime, so our actions ended. It was such a handball game, “Jarolim said.

The Czechs wanted to build on Friday’s performance against the Germans, which they announced in advance.However, they surprised their base eleven, in which Jarolím coach replaced only Kopice za Krejčí, otherwise the player did not change. But while against the world champions the Czechs were also dangerous, against the dirty, strong, unbreakable defense of the Northern Irish did not assert themselves. No unannounced chances, just hints. Like when Bořil headed poorly and the goalkeepers or Souček at the end of the first half of the distance did not miss the gate.

At that time the Czechs were losing. Winsdor Park, packed under the roof, pushed back Jonny Evans back in less than half an hour.The dry turned away from the corner flags before the sixteen, but Norwood immediately turned it back and Evans’s free back to the gate tossed Vaclik back to the gate. Czechs failed the offsid system and soon they were worse.

Stoper Smith fouled escaping Corry Evans, the brother of the opening goalie shooter, and Brunt punched the exact kick from a direct kick. He shot from a relatively long distance, keeper Vaclík is definitely not guilty. “I missed my goal, I just can not get that goal,” Vaclík admitted.

The victory that the Czechs necessarily needed to have at least the theoretical hope in the world championship barrage at that moment was a miracle. The North Irres have not scored a goal yet.And the clean account in Belfast was kept for the fourth consecutive time.

The home team did not move anywhere after the break, just defended it and had some major problems with it, certainly not.

The best shot was in the second half of the guest shooter Suchy, who hit the goalie McGoverna on the corner. The game significantly did not benefit from the substitution of coach Jarolim, who gradually sent Hušbauer, Klimenta and Dočkal.

It is true that in a separate history, the Czechs have only passed the World Championship once in 2006. After thirty-two years, they can see the Northern Irish, who have a second place in qualifying and a chance to play.If they play it, the team table will decide in second place.