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The offer is subject to T & C that can be read HERE!
Why do Romanians prefer to play online at 1xbet and do our specialists recommend this betting house?

Very good bet on bets: 200 euros directly into the betting account! 100% of first deposit value!

Very good live bet offer, one of the best.

The best odds in the strong football championships, without a rival to this.

Cashout option on mobile and desktop

Big Casino Bonus up to € 700, and the hottest games as well.

LIVE broadcasts of the hottest matches in the hottest championships

Great betting platform taken from the 1xbet betting house!

You have at least 7 strong reasons to open your account and bet on 1xbet on this betting app mobile LINK! Do not sit down, get the job done!

Bet on the FCSB goal and win the 10X bet stake on this bet!

FCSB will play in the third round of the Europa League, away with Hapoel Beer Sheva. Well, that’s what you think you already know, but what you do not know is that a FCSB-scored one, alone, will bring you a 10X bet. Bet on the FCSB goal and win the 10X bet stake on this bet!
Here you win 300 euros with only 5 bets on winning Romania and Serbia
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Here are other variants of choice to make a profit at Hapoel Beer Sheva vs FCSB!

Follow the steps below and find out how after a score marked “blue red” you can win 450 EUR, or if anyone knows FCSB does not sign up, 80 EUR!

1 Open a betting account on this link to the 1xbet online betting agency using the FCSB bonus code.

2 He then bet on GOL MARCAT by FCSB against Israelis from Hapoel Beer Sheva. 40 EUR on the bet will be multiplied by the improved odds – That’s 10.0!

CAREFUL! When you bet on “FCSB over 0.5 goals in the match” against Hapoel Beer Sheva, the betting options for the match will NOT show you the increased odds, (eg the image below) but the first bet of € 40 will be multiplied by Increased share – The 10.0!

Bet on the FCSB goal and win the 10X bet stake on this bet!

1 If FCSB enrolls, and you bet on this, 1xbet will add extra earnings to your account within 48 hours.

Moreover, if FCSB does not mark, it is hard to believe that Budescu & co. I can not even mark a hole, you will not lose anything. On the contrary, if the bet is loser, 1xbet gives you back the BETTER MONEY BACK. More specifically, 80 EUR, if you choose to place on a goal marked “blue red” 40 EUR, the maximum bet accepted for this 1xbet promotion.

The Golden Minute! Surprise for Barcelona vs Olympiacos!

On the occasion of the match between Barcelona and Olympiacos, the 1xbet online betting house gives us a surprise that we should not miss. Read in the next lines everything about the Gold Minute vs Barcelona vs Olympiacos!
Here you win 300 euros with only 5 bets on winning Romania and Serbia

The offer is based on the “Next Minute” bet type and if your goal is scored in the next minute of the chosen interval, your bet will be considered the winner!

This is valid for single or multiple bets placed PRE LIVE or LIVE, but only on the bet type Minute of the first goal.

Example: The match is in the 35th minute (34:22) and the score is 0-0. Deciding to place a bet that the next goal be scored between the 31st and 40th minutes of the match, with the odds of 5.00. The goal is scored at 40:55 (minute 41), but your bet will be considered the winner with the original stake, 5.00.